Past Work

Press release and flyer made for Moheak Radio in Los Angeles as a residency for those not attending the famous South by Southwest festival. Part of my duties, on top of collaborating on and proofing the flyer, was distribution and media outreach to garner attention for the event.
Example of a blurb written for Braddock’s Rebellion restaurant in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Tri Rivers Surgical Associates

This was a trailer/invite I made for a local conference Tri Rivers Surgical Associates hosted in the Pittsburgh, Pa area. The practice was having some trouble getting RSVPs to the event, and though staffed by wonderful, talented doctors, the practice as not the most versed in new media.

I found some, let’s say decent, video footage from the previous year’s event and put together this video and sent it out as an email blast accompanied with the new year’s itinerary as a way to entice attendees and to show it was not going to be the same presenters. The response shocked the practice and the results spoke for themselves as the conference had better attendance than the year before.

Sometimes you have to take nothing, or what limited resources you have, and spin it into something golden.

Silly Sketches

The Conflicted Ninja
Sully never had good timing at work.

University of La Verne Campus Times- 2008
Ortmayer’s Impact Still Felt at La Verne
Fair Delicacies Come Deep-Fried
ULV goes 1-2 at Leopard Invite
Needles, Ink, and Love